Schönheitschirurg Dr. Daryousch Parvizi - Facharzt für plastische, ästhetische und rekonstruktive Chirurgie

Make your desired treatment affordable with Parvizi Finance, the beauty credit!

Beauty financing made simple and straightforward. We frequently offer our patients the opportunity for 0% financing.

Here, you can spread the total costs of a treatment, or just a part of it, over up to 36 months, without having to pay any interest.

The necessary requirements are described in detail here.

For further information, feel free to contact us by email or phone.

General Requirements*

To apply for the beauty credit financing, you need the following documents.

Net income of at least EUR 1,000 per month

Primary residence in Austria

No active registration with the AMS (Austrian Public Employment Service)

No period of parental leave

Valid photo ID (driver's license or passport)

ATM card

Employed by the same employer for at least 3 months

Pay slip from the previous month

*If you are unable to meet all the criteria, a family member or friend who meets the above points would need to act as a guarantor.

Ordination Graz - Dr. Daryousch Parvizi - Plastischer Chirurg in Graz